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Food Triggers Of Migraines

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Migraines are severe headaches that are often accompanied by nausea nd vomiting. The sufferer becomes extremely sensitive to light and sound, which may cause them to seek out a quiet dark place to lie down. Migraine pain can be unilateral or bilateral and and last for several hours. Before it 8 ball pool hack cheat online strikes, a person may experience visual disturbances, a feeling of intense energy, thirst, a craving for sweets and either a feeling of irritability or depression. The attack may come on with or without prodrome.

You should try to identify the triggers of your migraines and try to avoid them to minimize the severity of the attacks. Diet often plays an important role in triggering migraines and there are many food items which act as triggers. Foods containing tyramine are known to be the most common migraine triggers. Tyramine -. an amine present in many protein-based foods, is formed as result of breakdown of proteins. Fermented foods or those which are stored for long time have higher Tyramine content which is known to elevate blood pressure resulting in migraines. Other amines which can trigger migraines include Phenylalanine, Phenyl ethylamine, Octopamine, Serotonin, Dopamine and Histamine.

You should also stay away from tobacco if you are migraine prone. It contains nicotine which intensifies migraine attacks. For many people though, dietary amines are quickly broken down and don’t pose threat. This is not so for migraine sufferers
Foods http://www.shadowfight2hackonlinesz.com/shadowfight2hack blitz brigade hack cheats high in amines that lead to migraines are as follows: Tofu, cheese, yogurt, avocados, canned and processed meat, raisins and nuts, onions, beans, canned soups, dried figs, bananas, papayas, pineapples, plums, peanut butter, spinach, yeast and yeast extracts and tomatoes

Foods high in Tyramine and the other amines which trigger migraines must also be avoided as they will exacerbate migraine attacks. You should try to regularly consume oily fish and ginger as these foods have been proven to actually relieve or prevent migraines. Food preservatives and additives are also known to trigger migraine headaches. A lot of processed foods contain certain food additives in varying amounts. The main culprits known to trigger migraines are – monosodium glutamate salt (MSG), nitrates, nitrites, sulphites and aspartame. Certain type’s food dyes and artificial sweeteners are also thought to intensify the severity of an attack. MSG – Mostly used in Chinese foods and in a lot of processed food items including — Pickles, bacon, sausages, ham, pepperoni and hotdogs.

There are certain beverages containing artificial sweeteners and preservatives that will trigger migraine attacks. Coffee, chocolate, tea and all fizzy drinks pose threat to migraine sufferers. Alcoholic drinks like whisky, wine, beer and champagne will trigger migraine attacks as well. Milk contains protein which is known . ‘casein’. This particular protein creates histamines which in turn, produce mucus. If histamine levels increase, lots of mucus -. produced and this will put pressure on the brain membranes, thus triggering a migraine. Dairy products are definitely worth avoiding in order to minimize the intensity of your migraines.

In summary, you need to work out which foods you are sensitive to and then basically, avoid them.
It is a good idea to keep a food diary to keep track of the foodstuffs you are sensitive to and then, by identifying which foods maybe triggering your migraines, you will then learn which foods to avoid.

Is Your Wardrobe Red Carpet Ready?

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Inspiration from the Golden Globes
Hollywood’s A-listers are lucky to have designers that cut specifically for them. Did you see Claire Daines at the Golden Globes in her gorgeous hot pink dress sewn with perfection for her by Calvin Klein?
Unfortunately, most of us do not fall into the category of red carpet goddess (THIS week!), but with a little help from some designer experts, it is possible to apply some savvy Hollywood style tips to a wardrobe-retrofit, so that you have a closet that is ready to showcase you at any time!
Why is this important to your media trainer? Because when ABC, CBS or another media outlet needs you, you sometimes can have only hours to get camera-ready. There’s no time to run to the mall! For example: I had a client that received a call from the Today Show. They had Check our website her on camera within 90 minutes of the initial phone call!
Having a go-to camera-ready area of your closet is crucial preparation for media exposure. That’s why I dedicated a chapter to wardrobe in my latest training DVD, and I feel fortunate to have talented designers available to consult with my clients.
It’s that important.
My designer friends have given me 5 Hollywood Designer Tips to share with you:
1. Purge! This is cathartic! Remove absolutely everything from your wardrobe that does not let you feel fantastic. This means you must disregard the price you paid or who bought an item for you. If you don’t love it, toss it (or donate it)! You’ll open up the closet space for better things!
2. Know your shade. Notice what colors you are wearing when you get the most compliments and build on those. Note: If you have changed your hair drastically, chances are you’ll have to re-examine the color scheme of your closet!
3. Know your body type (really): Stand naked in front of the mirror, cover your face in your reflection with your hand so you see only your body. Are you a pear, apple or an hourglass? This is not what-you-would-like-to-be, or what-you-were-before-the baby, but really. By being honest with yourself you can dress your body in the most flattering way today. When your fitness commitment pays off, then you get to do this again! Key: Your wardrobe should change as you do. For more understanding of how to highlight your figure’s assets, look for my upcoming teleseminar with designer Noel Wu on February 1, 2011.
4. Build with essentials: We’ve heard it a thousand times (thanks, Mom!), but I admit, I didn’t appreciate this until I started to follow this rule: Basic, high quality pieces are the building blocks of a well-functioning wardrobe. Complimenting colors and basic neutrals can be layered, and your investment will go far and last longer than the sale items at the teen mall store. Not sure how to tell real quality? Ask a well-dressed friend to show you the difference in fabrics, stitching and buttons… once you can spot the good stuff, it makes those rare good deals even sweeter!
5. Get trendy highlights!: This is where you can have fun, and www.nbalivemobilehackcheatsz.com/ spend less; implementing trendy accessories or occasional pieces is a great way to stay up-to-the-minute with your style, but not spend a fortune! Animal prints the “hot” thing for the season? By a leopard tank, and layer it under your quality pieces!
My husband has a saying, “Control what you can and prepare as best as possible for the rest!”
In this case, eliminating clothing frustration protects your ability to concentrate on your message and the open door of simcity buildit cheat opportunity that is a media interview.
Hey, it might not be red carpet right away, but it doesn’t hurt to plan for it!

Lotion, Potions & Pills? I Think Not.

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Why not, I ask? They seem like great companies and their comp plan looks good too. They have big corporate offices and have been around for years. Isn’t that good? Any company out there that sells products like lotions, potions, pills, miracle juices or miracle gas saving products usually doesn’t work for the average person for many reasons.
Those companies usually make most of their money from you, the distributor, not from selling the products. They have you on auto ship, so you are their income.
They only pay about 2% to 15% so many levels deep. They will tell you that when you fill the matrix, you won’t have to do anything and head soccer hack tool no survey you’ll be making 20 to 40k a month. The truth is, there are so many loop holes to their comp plans that no body ever reaches those levels. You either will have too many people on your left, but not enough on your right side to make the higher level payouts. diep io cheats online They tell you that you need more personal volume and your group volume is fine or vice versa, or my favorite, you had fallout this month, so you no longer qualify for that car bonus we promised you about.
They make you hold home parties to push your crap on your friends. Listen to me…..If I wanted weight loss, I’d go to GNC. If I wanted Lotions, I’d go to CVS, Save on, Nordstrom or Bullocks. If I wanted to put additives in my gas tank, I’d go to Kragen, madden mobile cheats tool Chief or Pep Boys and buy a product from STP or Penzoil. You get what I mean….?
They are a copy cat company of the original company. How many companies out there are selling a juice that is based from the Acai Berry, Goji berry or the Mangosteen fruit? How many of those promise to cure cancer? What a joke? Is our society that ignorant that if something actually cured cancer, wouldn’t we want to check it out? How many travel companies are there now? How many fuel additives are there now? How many of those have been shut down? How many make up, skin lotions and vitamin companies are there out there?
It just seems like there is so many junk companies on the internet, how do you what is good and what is not? Some of these companies above actually have a good product, but I would never go in business with them. These types of companies just won’t give you a chance to make real money. They will tell you differently, so use your brain and some common sense and you’ll evaluate them better. JoinTheRichTeam.com

Loss Adjusters- Why do Insurance Company appoint a Loss Adjuster

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For anyone, loss adjusters are appointed after there has been a claim made by you to your insurance company, who then brings the adjuster in to assess that validity of your claim. If you are in an automobile accident or any other kind of situation where you need to claim on your insurance, then an adjuster is brought in to use the proper technical and financial terms to figure out how much the insurance company is truly liable to cover.
Insurers appoint loss adjusters in order to assess your claim from an impartial point of view, addressing the concerns of both the policyholder and the insurer, with the aim of achieving a fair outcome to the benefit of both parties, within the terms of the policy. Insurance companies usually appoint loss adjusters on any claim over a set value, often as little as £500. Your insurance company does want to pay your claim. In most cases, they do not have staffs that carry out external visits so they appoint an outside party.
For the consumer it can be difficult to handle a loss adjuster, so the important thing to note here is that they are not there to help you, rather they look at the interest of the insurance company for whom they are working. So, you will need to find a group who will help you fight your claim for the adjuster, because otherwise, that entire responsibility falls on you. The worst thing you can do for your own claim is to be unprepared when the adjuster arrives, so make sure that you find someone who madden mobile check here hack cydia can help you with that. Loss adjusters can offer practical advice and help during what sometimes can be an extremely harrowing experience. Always look for professional assistance if you aren’t sure what to do, as there are plenty of groups out there who want to help you get the most of your claim, instead of letting the loss adjusters intimidate you into not getting you what you deserve. In the event that your claim is then rejected because of that loss adjuster, then you should immediately seek professional assistance, because there are also companies willing to help you get the money you deserve.
Also, make sure that when you look at different groups to help you work with a loss adjuster what exactly will happen in the event that you still lose, meaning that line rangers hack jailbreak the insurance company establishes that no party is liable for the losses you receive. Some groups won’t actually charge you anything at all and some still charge you a nominal fee for having used their services in the first place. Either way, make sure you are the one who does the checking.

Renting A Car For The Weekend

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Some automobile owners do not feel confident that their old car could make a short trip out of town without breaking down. They will approach many rental car agencies while surfing the internet to find great rates on weekend rentals. The prices might be for a smaller car than they are used to but the low prices make them very check more attractive and people choose those rental cars to drive short distances.

If a traveler wants to impress someone when they rent a car for the weekend, they might choose to select a four-wheel drive vehicle that costs almost as much as a house at the car lot price. Then rental charges for these super luxury vehicles mobile strike hacks will certainly not impress the renter but the passenger might think that they were living life at its finest even if it is just for a short time on a brief trip out of town for the weekend.

Coupons make renting a car for the weekend a very affordable option. People get offers for rental car discounts because of aggressive mail marketing campaigns. The traveler might have signed up for these notices when they joined a frequent flyer club and the coupons will often give the traveler great discounts if they choose to fly and drive to their final destination point.

The rental car coupons might have been found at rest areas along the highway. A traveler can certainly save a lot of money by renting a car at a later date because these rental car coupons will rarely feature an expiration date. Some families will travel to a certain point and rent cars for other family members who are going in a different direction. Having a coupon on hand will take the bite out of a rental agreement that offers economical travel choices for a weekend.

Some people get quite confused about the times that a coupon is good for when renting a car for the weekend. They expect more bangs for their buck and feel that a rental car should be waiting for them if they have made a reservation. They want the rental car to be ready for check-out first thing in the morning and the problem they face is that the unit is not available for rent because it is still on the road.

Some love here travelers do not realize that someone else might be late in returning that vehicle, and that the rental car company is required to service each one before they can issue it to another customer for rental purposes. The actual rental charges begin when the contract is issued at a rental car dealership. Some weekend rental car rates can stretch through till Tuesday if a car rental customer is inconvenienced by the late return of another rental car customer.

Ten Ways to Get Along With Family Members You Don’t Like

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We all have them: the obnoxious siblings, the drama queen mother, the trouble-maker cousin, the gossip monger, know-it-alls, rude, selfish, and even mean-spirited family members. We gangstar vegas cheats tool try to avoid them yet fate often intervenes and brings us face-to-face with our nemesis. We dread family gatherings and holidays are preceded by weeks of anxiety and fabricated excuses for absenteeism. “I like my friends much better. You can choose them and if they get on your nerves you just cancel your subscription. I don’t have to put up with their nonsense. But you’re stuck with relatives forever!”
While severing familiar relationships is an option for some and a necessity for others, it is a drastic step not everyone needs to take. There are other alternatives which allow us to maintain a somewhat workable rapport even with those we are not particularly fond of.
Consider the following ten suggestions:
1. Remember they are family and you share dna, other relatives, and a history. Each component has value.
2. Put everything into perspective. If the issue is minor, excuse it. If it’s critical address it.
3. Examine why you allow this person to bother you. What issues are they triggering within you? Examine and heal those first.
4. Keep in mind they are probably loved by someone you love. Treat them kindly out of respect for the other party.
5. Find something about them you admire, like or respect. (Everyone has something.) Remind yourself before, during, and after your encounter with them. Your thoughts generate how you feel and ultimately how you treat them.
6. Remind yourself that everyone has personal issues that are reflected in their behavior. Be understanding and compassionate of them.
7. Set boundaries when appropriate. Be firm and fair.
8. Keep things neutral. Avoid instigating their black ops 3 cheats ios bad behavior with inflammatory statements, hot topics or sensitive check here issues.
9. Always try to bring out the best in all whom you encounter, especially those who present your greatest challenges. Be the example of kindness for them to follow.
10. Limit the amount of time spent together. Less can prevent a buildup of tension and hostility.
And here’s a bonus suggestion from my favorite doctor, Bernie Siegel: “Keep saying ‘I love you’ for three months. Then stop. They will call you.” (“Repeated acts of kindness will eventually affect and reshape a relationship.”*)
While many would prefer to simply avoid those family members they don’t care for, it is oftentimes not possible. But more importantly, you will miss an opportunity of being a vehicle for personal growth healing. One person, one time, can open another’s eyes, mind or heart which allows them to begin the journey to wholeness.
*The Orchids of Gateway Lane” by Janet Pfeiffer available @

Crabbing in Bodega Bay

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Bodega Bay features a remarkable Dungenes Crab fishery. Crab season opens in early November and the catch for the 2010/2011 period has been high.
The sport fishing season opens up two weeks prior to the commercial season so it’s the optimal time to get out on the water. There are several ways to go crabbing in Bodega Bay.
Some people like to drop inexpensive traps right off the Marina Jetty at Spud Point Marina. Spud Point Marina is located at 1818 Westshore Road in Bodega Bay. The Marina Jetty is located on the south end of the marina. Another popular location for crabbing from moviestarplanet hack cheats tool shore is the breakwater jetty located off Doran Beach Park.
The entrance to the park is located south of Bodega Bay near the entrance to the Bodega Harbour Golf Course.
Another option for those who own small boats is to set traps or pots in the inner harbor area. On calm days small boats can also be found out beyond the breakwater jetty along Doran Beach. Bodega Head offers protection from the worst sea conditions but a small boat was capsized this year during rough weather. High winds and high seas create dangerous conditions for boating.
For those who own larger boats there is great crabbing shadow fight 2 hack cheat online south of Seal Rock (Bodega Rock). During high surf days use caution near the reef where waves sometimes break. There are also good crabbing areas near the estero and south along ten mile beach.
For those who want to crab in deeper water there is also good crabbing off Salmon Creek Beach north of Bodega Bay.
Finally, for those who want 8 ball pool cheat to go out on a party boat there are several six pack and larger boats that run out of Porto Bodega along Westshore Road. Miss Anita is a 34 foot Catamaran with a 12 foot beam that provides a fast and smooth fishing trip. Visit for more information.
Another good source for crabbing and fishing reports is
There are several hotels in Bodega Bay including The Inn at the Tides, Bodega Bay Lodge and Bodega Coast Inn and Suites. Another option is to stay at one of the many vacation rentals in the area. A favorite is located on Gull Drive with a view of Doran Beach and the ocean beyond.
View the website at for more information.

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Early Ford Bronco – Buyers Guide

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The early Ford Bronco enjoys a status today among 4×4 fans and classic car devotees that borders on becoming a cult. With a simple design and solid build, excellent handling both on and off road and raw V8 power you have a vehicle that lends itself to many modifications. The early models are now more than 40 years old, the esteem of the classic 1966-1977 Ford Bronco will no doubt continue to grow over the coming years. If you are considering buying an early Ford Bronco then the information here should help you choose the model year that is right for you.

When buying an early Ford Bronco as with the purchase of any older or classic vehicle the usual advice applies to buy the best you can afford with your budget and remember to include ongoing running costs for maintaining an ageing, if modern classic.

Introduced to the motoring public in August 1965 the Ford Bronco was to compete against the Jeep CJ-5 and International Harvester Scout. Initially the early Broncos were very basic; options including power steering and auto transmission were absent. The engine department offered a 105 BHP, 170ci six cylinder – a variant from the Ford Falcon range. Transmission was the three speed manual with a column mounted shifter. Exclusive to the initial models was a tall shifter with a J-handle style ball mounted atop.

The Ford Bronco range was available in wagon, roadster and half cab variations however the roadster proved unpopular and ceased production in 1968. Brakes were drums all round, rear axle was a Ford 9″ (up to 1971) and a Dana 30 front axle. The gas tank held 14.5 gallons as standard with a second tank as an optional extra holding an additional 11.5 gallons. The 1966 year model had the following optional extras to choose from: winches, tachometer, tow hooks, trailer hitch, snow plow kit, warn freewheeling hubs and air lift front auxiliary springs. Production for the 1966 model year came to 23,700 units.


1967 saw the Sports Package launched including headlamp and tail blitz brigade hack online tool lamp bezels, bright finished horn ring, windshield drip, side window frames, cigar lighter, chrome-plated bumpers, front guards and grille (with red “Ford” letters attached to the grille) and 15″ wheels trims. In addition to this a bright trimmed headliner and vinyl floor matt were included along with instrument panel trim and tailgate handle. Also new were a dual master cylinder with a split hydraulic system and self adjusting brakes with back up lights and an 11.5 gallon spare fuel tank. 14200 models were produced in 1967.


New in 1968 were front locking hubs and new design inside door handles and window crank knobs along with curved ends on the bumpers and side marker reflectors. 1968 was the last year for the 289ci V8. 16600 models were produced in 1968.


First off the 302ci V8 replaced the 289ci V8, two speed electric wipers were introduced, parking lights with an amber lense replaced the white lense and the steering stabilizer was to become standard. Aluminum door panel trim and a pleated parchment interior were added to the Sport Package and when the rear seat was ordered this came with a rear floor mat. Production levels rose to just under 21,000 models.


The Sports package became a model in its own right instead of a package. The most obvious modifications were the new position of the side marker lights and reflectors. This year saw a reduction in the capacity of the main and spare gas tanks from 12.7 gallons and 10.3 gallons. 1970 saw 18450 Broncos built.


Changes included the Dana 44 becoming the standard Bronco front axle, remote control left hand outside mirror, new headliner for the pick-up and a heavy duty radiator. 1971 saw the limited edition Baja Bronco by Bill Stroppe and Associates introduced – they took a Bronco wagon and made the following modifications: roll bar, front and rear dual shocks, fender flares, larger Gates Commando tires, rubberized steering wheel, bumper braces, automatic transmission, power steering, nameplate and special paint order (red, white, blue, black and white). In total around 650 Baja Broncos were made between 1971 and 1975. Just over 19700 Broncos were made in 1971.


Mid Year changes saw the ranger Package introduced with new striping, argent grille, color coded front and rear pile carpets, deluxe wheel covers, tire cover with “Ranger” lettering, cloth insert bucket seats, fiberboard headliner and wood grained door trim panels. The gas tank reduced in size once again to 7.5 gallons. The T-handle shifter was removed as was the “302” badge V8 front fenders. Production rose to 21,100 units.


This year saw the introduction of the C-4 auto transmission and power steering as an option, the J-Handle transfer case shifter was also introduced. These efforts to modernize the Bronco against stiff competition helped the sales for 1973 achieve just fewer than 21,900 units.


The numbers of Broncos that rolled off the production line hit 25,800 and in this year a new emissions package was introduced for the Californian Broncos making the 200 cid six cylinder engine and 4.11 more details axles obsolete. Changes were made to the J-handle shifter mechanics and the transmission selector was now lit.


Stricter emissions regulations saw the introduction of unleaded fuel engines, catalytic converters and it is rumored that cam timings were restricted in 1975 to assist with emissions. Sport and Ranger models were fitted with the F-Series steering wheel, ride heights adjusted and an 800 watt engine block heater was available simcity buildit hack no root as an option. Lowest ever production numbers were seen of 13,125.


A Special Decor Group had a matt-black finish grille, tape stripe, side window frames, bright windshield molding and wheel covers. Mechanically long awaited power assisted front disc brakes were fitted, rear brakes were also upgraded, Y steering linkage introduced and a front anti sway bar. Production numbers rose slowly to just over 15,200.


The last year for the early Bronco saw the introduction of a heavy duty 9″ rear end housing, gas tank doors replaced exterior caps, rear marker lights were now mounted vertically and a 14.4 gallon and 8 gallon gas tank were made in plastic. This is possibly the best of the early models as it includes most of the previous year features. Some previously standard items, such as a passenger’s side seat and padded instrument panel, were made optional this year. In its final year of production, 14,546 Broncos rolled off the assembly line before the large Bronco took over in 1978.

Buy French Antiques and French Furniture at Brownrigg Interiors, antiques shop in Tetbury, UK

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Brownrigg Interiors is one of the best antique shops outside London …. according to the Tattler magazine. Brownrigg Interiors has been the subject of many press and magazine articles in Britain such as the The World of Interiors, The Times, The Telegraph, Homes and Gardens and many more.
Brownrigg Interiors and antiques shop is based at Tetbury in Gloucestershire, England with other antiques and interiors showrooms in London and Petworth, West Sussex.
At Brownrigg Interiors, we specialize in French antiques and French Furniture and also offer a good range of other antiques from Europe
Our French antiques are sourced from all over France and England… be it cities like London, Paris, Limoges, Bristol, Rouen, Marseille, Tours and share our website the Loire Valley region of France.
Antiques buyers in the UK are particularly keen on French antique tables of the refectory table shape. French farmhouse tables or French refectory tables of fruitwood and other woods are especially suited to the modern trend for abandoning the dining room in favour of larger dining areas in the kitchen where the large kitchen dining tables used in France love this website (French Farm house tables) fit the requirement so perfectly. Types of wood used in French farm house tables varies between the general description of fruitwood to cherry, walnut, pine and even rosewood.
Complimenting such large refectory tables can we obtained French breakfast tables, console tables and other French occasional tables such as French marble top tables, round tables, sofa tables, antique console tables and even French dressing tables.
Another very popular item is the French Armoire. These are large antique wardrobes or antique cabinet, originally used for storing weapons but now used as bedroom antique wardrobes and cupboards. Often these French Armoires are of walnut and with good carvings.
Another interesting item under the French Antique banner is the commode. Originally, in French furniture, a commode introduced about 1700 meant a low cabinet, or chest of drawers at the height of the dado rail. A commode, gilt-bronze mounts, was a piece of case furniture much wider than it was high, raised on high or low legs and with or without enclosing drawers. The piece of furniture would be provided with a marble slab top selected to match the marble of the chimneypiece. A commode occupied a prominent position in the room for which it was intended: it stood against the pier between the windows in which case it would often be surmounted by a mirror glass. pair of identical commodes would flank the chimneypiece or occupy the centre of each end wall.
Before the mid-eighteenth century the commode had become such a necessary commodity that it might be made in menuiserie, of solid painted oak, or walnut or fruitwoods, with carved decoration, typical of French provincial furniture.
In the English-speaking world, commode passed into London cabinet-makers’ parlance by the mid-eighteenth century, to describe chests of drawers with gracefully curved fronts, and gangstar vegas cheats tool sometimes with shaped sides as well, perceived as being in the “French” taste. Thomas Chippendale employed the term “French Commode Tables” to describe designs in The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer’s Director (1753).
(Interestingly, the term “commode” is also a rurally used colloquial synonym for a toilet in the United States. This word was commonly heard in the 20th century but seems to be falling out of favour and has become uncommon to rare)
Other French antiques on offer often include antique French chairs such as French antique chairs like French armchairs,& French Fauteuil, French leather chairs and comfortable Louis XVI chairs and sofas.
Our French antiques also include a variety of French cabinets and French bookcases together with beautiful antique French mirrors and stunning antique French lamps.
At Brownrigg Interiors Antiques we offer a comprehensive antiques search service. Contact us if you want us to search for a French Antique that you cannot find on our web site.
If you see an item you like on our web site please check it is at the correct showroom before visiting one of our 3 antiques showrooms.
Check our web site for opening hours (Usually they are Monday to Saturday from 10.30 am – 5.30 pm).
Please contact me Jorge Perez at the following email

5 Writing Exercises To Help Heal Pain

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Writing has always been a part of my life in some form. From poems, plays and journaling to my writing about how sad and sick I was when I was ill. I would write about how much pain I was in, how upset I was that I could not do the things I wanted to do and just how miserable I was in general. I told myself I was “getting it out” but I now know that doing that perpetuated my conditions and me feeling unwell. Receiving my first Susan Sark book got me writing positively again. Reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill added more positive writing exercises. Discovering my passion for blogging and writing about health has been such a gift for me. I would love to share 5 Writing Exercises you can use to help heal your pain.
1) Write Down 10 Things That You Love about Yourself
When I was ill I was constantly beating myself up with the messages I was telling myself. “I am so sick”. “I can’t be a good mom or wife when I am so sick” “I am a burden because my pain stops me from doing anything that needs to be done”…. oh they went on but there’s no point going back THERE now! Everyone can name ten things they like about themselves if they stop and take the time to think about it. It can be any attribute or quality that you have (mental or physical). It can be the simplest things like “I make awesome eggs” to “I love my children unconditionally”.
Making this list does a few things:
1) It changes your focus from what you cannot do to what you CAN DO.
2) It helps to build your self esteem.
3) It gives you a list to go back to whenever you are beating yourself up about something…. Next time you can say, “Ok, well I might not be in the Olympics tomorrow but I CAN DRAW perfect Olympic circles” (I always envied those teachers that drew perfect circles!)
Even small items on this list can shine light on some of your special abilities. This is what makes YOU unique and valuable. They are traits to be celebrated! You are giving attention to wonderful things about yourself instead of the endless loop of negative self talk. In order for others to love you and in order to heal you MUST shadow fight 2 hack cheats tool love yourself.
2) Write down 15 Things/People you are Grateful for
This is a BIGGIE and I truly did not realize how big until I used it as a healing tool. When you are ill or if you are in pain of any kind it is easy to look moviestarplanet hack no download around and see what you don’t have and focus on what you are upset about. Everyone as long as they are breathing has at least their breath to be thankful for. Food, water, shelter, friends, parents, kids, a nearby park, a beautiful day outside….. all things we might take for granted but all things worth celebrating. Peter over at The Change Blog wrote an amazing post on gratitude this week, “How Gratitude Can Change Your Life”. I go through what I am grateful for in the morning, at night and sometimes during the day in my head but I also take the time to write down a gratitude list every now and again.
If you are ill — be grateful for the health you do have… even if one little part of your body is pain free. If you are facing a difficult time emotionally — be grateful for the things in your life that are stable. Be grateful for past relationships or “challenging” situations that helped you learn. Feel gratitude for being able to read. Feel grateful for pets, flowers, music — anything that you can think of that makes you smile.
Susan Sark was a wonderful discovery for me in writing positively and about what I am grateful for. She used writing as a means to heal from sibling incest. SARK suggests writing lists of favorite people, favorite books, tells you to “plant impossible gardens” and is an inspiration in every sense of the word. She made me realize that I am the only one who can tell my story and that everyone has a story worth sharing. I have several of her books and highly recommend Sark’s Journal and Playbook which is a large journal with some blank pages and some pages with suggestions on what to write. Her book “Sark’s New Creative Companion: Ways to Free Your Creative Spirit” is also filled with ideas as are her many other books and her website.
3) List 5 Positive Affirmations and 5 Inspirational Quotes You Will Look at Every Day
It takes a little effort to change bad habits and to become “aware” and listen to your self-talk. You are sure to slip backwards at times — “life happens” and it is not always what you expect or would have asked for. I have already said that it is important to “Appreciate Every Moment NOT JUST the Good Ones” but having quotes written down that inspire you will be a quick way to refocus and re-inspire yourself when you need it most. There are so many people that have inspiring sayings. You need to pick quotes that resonate within you and you FEEL will continue to inspire you. Here are a few sites to go and look for some to write down:
Inspirational Quotes
Hearts & Minds
Famous Inspirational Quotes
A few of my favorites that helped me are:
“When you Change the Way you Look at Things
the Things you Look at Change”
— Wayne Dyer
“You Do Enough, You Have Enough, You Are Enough”
— Susan Sark
“Keep Your Mind on a Higher Image Rather than on a Lower Concern”
— ?????
As for affirmations — make these also resonate within you. These can be things you want to achieve or qualities you want to make sure are a part of your daily life. Here are a couple of sites to look for some positive affirmations that might resonate with you:
Vital Affirmations
Free Positive Affirmations for Stress Release
Here are a few of the ones that I used:
I trust in my ability to bring forth better circumstances.
I am healthy and am feeling stronger every day.
I have everything I need and what it takes to create an amazing life.
In “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill talks about the importance and power of Affirmations and Daily Mantras. By writing these and reading them every day you are sending out the message to your subconscious as well as the Universe that this is what your focus is and this is what you want.
4) Write a Forgiveness Statement for Yourself and a Forgiveness Statement for Someone Else
Self-forgiveness is something I had never even thought of before I learned about the mind/body connection. As a “recovering perfectionist” I am still learning to “take it easy on myself” and “let go” of some of the stuff I feel I “should” be doing….. While I did not consciously create my illnesses, I felt guilty about my negative energy after learning about The Law of Attraction. I had to forgive myself for not healing sooner and forgive myself for possibly many additional years of health. I have learned so much and honestly if I had only been sick 2 years maybe it would not have been as deep a passion to teach others about healing from within. I am grateful now my illnesses lasted as long as they did because it has me where I am right now.
Self-forgiveness also allows you to love yourself more. Replaying a conversation or an action that you cannot take back does not accomplish anything. While there are situations where I would recommend healing pain by saying “I am Sorry” the first person you should be saying sorry to is yourself. Eckhart Tolle talks about the “Power of Now” and if you are reliving something that you did or said you are living in the past. The past is behind you and life is really about what you can do NOW for NOW and to keep moving forward with your life. Write yourself a nice long letter about how you forgive yourself for whatever you are holding onto and feel yourself lighten immediately.
Forgiveness for someone else that you have blamed or feel that has wronged you is very important as well. There are horrific things that happen to people. Incest, molestation, abuse, rape and yes unfortunately there are a lot more. I was in a very emotionally abusive relationship for a couple of years and boy did I harbor anger and bad feelings toward my ex boyfriend. I spent hours wishing it didn’t happen, re-living every awful event and just letting my blood boil so much I am surprised I didn’t implode. Guess what? That never made it any better. I carried my distrust of men into my marriage and was lucky enough to get a spouse that understood where it was coming from and dealt with it for years until I was finally able to “let it go”.
Writing a letter of forgiveness to someone who hurt you does not mean you approve in any way of what they did — it just means you have suffered enough with it and are now willing to part with the negative emotions you have attached to it. Remember that the experience made you who you are today, made you stronger, made you look at things “a little differently”….. My regular readers might be getting sick of this quote but it is one I repeat very often to myself — so get used to it… 😉 The wise Dr. Deepak Chopra said “You must realize that everyone is doing the best they can from their own state of consciousness”. Usually an abuser was abused themselves — does that excuse their visit our website behavior? No, but it can help to explain it. You have probably re-lived any situation that has caused you pain enough and given it more attention than it deserves. Writing a letter is a good way to say “ENOUGH” I am moving forward with my life now.
5) List 5 Goals and Mini Goals You Can Use to Achieve Them
If you do not know what you want to achieve — how will you know where you are going? How will you know when to celebrate and pat yourself on the back for moving in the right direction? How do you know what you really want? Listing goals can seem scary but listing them is the first step in making them a reality. It used to be if someone asked me what I wanted out of life I would give a broad answer, “to be happy”, “to be wealthy”, but those need to be elaborated on or have mini steps in place to get you to that point. I now set goals in 5 areas of my life (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial). It is imperative for me to set mini goals in those areas as well. Mini goals are baby steps used to get to your big goal. You don’t necessarily have to spell it all out if you haven’t gotten it all figured out but using smaller steps makes those big goals seem more attainable. Each time a each mini goal is met it will build your self esteem and confidence and give you strength to keep on moving forward and taking action.
Say your goal is to start a new career, this alone might seem daunting and overwhelming. Let’s break it down into mini goals to make it more obtainable.
1) Look in local paper to find out what, if anything interests you.
2) List 3 things you love to do and look online to see what kind of jobs are affiliated with those skills.
3) Look into training online or in community in what you want to learn.
4) Contact someone working in that field to find out more about it and to see if that is really what you want to do.
This makes the major goal more obtainable and suddenly not so scary. Once you do these steps you can create new mini goals to get even closer if need be. You are taking action and moving forward and that is helpful for your self esteem, self love and health (mental and physical).
Write down some goals for those 5 categories and the steps you would need to get there. It is time to start thinking about what you can do NOW to meet those goals. If you want to make money doing something you love it is time to set some goals about finding more information on jobs that would incorporate it.
“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is also wonderful in laying out how to write down goals for success. Mr. Hill explains how to write in detail about what you want to obtain and set dates for when you want to obtain it by. He also goes into the process of visualization to make the writing even more powerful. Tim Brownson of “A Daring Adventure” had a guest post at “Pick the Brain” called “How to Visualize Your Success” that I highly recommend you checking out.
These writing exercises will help you get into the right space you need to be in to heal. You will be proactive in your healing and are telling your subconscious “I am ready to be healthy” or “I am ready to let go of the heavy burdens I have been carrying”. Doing these exercises will help you release pain and encourage new growth to heal from within. Enjoy these and if you want more writing exercises I have them outlined for every part of my “Paging Me System” in my ebook.

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